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Commercial HVAC Systems in Tampa FL

When you work in Tampa, FL, you need a way to stay cool during the day. You need to know that your air conditioning system will function efficiently and effectively, and you need repair technicians to respond to any problems promptly so your daily business functions aren’t interrupted. In short, you need J. P. Griffin, Inc.
Along with offering expert refrigeration services, we proudly serve clients in Florida who need commercial HVAC systems. Trust us the next time your commercial air conditioning system needs an upgrade, replacement, or repair.

Keep Your Building Cool and Comfortable.
Tampa, FL experiences high temperatures year-round. Coupled with high humidity, the heat can make working in an office, warehouse, or maritime vessel miserable.
Fortunately for you, a functioning air conditioner both cools and dries your air. When you have high-quality commercial air conditioning, your customers can feel comfortable, and you and your employees can focus on work instead of suffering through the humid subtropical heat. At J. P. Griffin, Inc., we have a long history of ensuring our customers' comfort. You should focus on keeping your business in the black, not on fickle air conditioning systems. Trust us to give you a system that works so smoothly you won’t ever have to think about it.

Trust 70 Years of Experience
We've lived and worked in Florida for seven decades, which means we know the unique challenges buildings in this area face. Rely on us to ensure that your industrial or commercial air conditioning system stays strong and functions at optimum efficiency.
Regardless of the type of company you run or the type of commercial or industrial property you own, we're happy to help. We're also one of the few companies in the area that does air conditioning work on marine vessels.
Read below to see our former clients and the type of work we can complete for your business. To learn more about our commercial HVAC systems, get in touch at (813) 251-6626.

Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating Projects

  • Busch Gardens™
  • CSX Transportation™
  • Macy's™
  • AT&T™
  • Embassy Suites™
  • Kimball Electronics™
  • Cassidy Turley/TECO Plaza™
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP™
  • Tampa Electric/TECO Energy™
  • The University of Tampa™
  • UPS™ Facilities
  • WEDU/Channel 3 Broadcasting™
  • Great Expressions Dental Center™

Refrigeration Projects

  • One Blood Services®
  • Chick-Fil-A®
  • Publix Supermarkets®

Health Care Facilities

For health care facilities, projects include HVAC repairs and replacement/retrofit. We also offer new installations of chilled water piping, hot water piping, steam piping, ductwork, and controls.
  • St. Joseph's Hospital/Baycare™
  • Doctor's Hospital™
  • Tampa General Hospital™
  • Blake Medical CTR™
  • Florida Hospital™
  • Memorial Hospital™
  • Brandon Surgery Center™

Industrial Projects

Industrial Projects include HVAC repairs and new installations of ventilation along and process piping (including CO2 and chemical waste). We also do repairs of utility piping (above and below grade) installation along with relocations of production equipment to suit the latest production requirements.
  • TECO™ Power Plants (Big Bend, Gannon, CSA & Polk Sites)
  • B & M Precision™
  • Master Packaging™
  • SIFCO™ Turbine

Marine Installation

  • TECO Ocean Shipping
  • Bouchard Transportation™
  • Seabulk Towing™
  • Penn Maritime™
  • Hendry Corporation™
  • International Ship Repair™
  • Gulf Marine Repair™
  • Moran Towing™
  • Kirby Offshore Marine™
  • Gulf Sulphur Services™

Computer Rooms/Data Centers

  • Verizon Business™
  • Special Data Processing™
  • XO Communications™
  • Price water house Coopers, LLP